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Our trailer bar will have everything needed to keep the beverages at your event superb. 

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Kegerators and Taps

Trailer Trashed has two kegerators and taps to provide two beer options. Our kegerators accommodate full size kegs, also known as half barrels.

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Wine Refrigerator

Trailer Trashed has a 12 bottle wine refrigerator with dual temp control to make sure both white and red wines are kept at optimal serving temperature. It is large enough to rotate 6 bottles each and always have the serving bottle perfect.

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Signature Drinks

Trailer Trashed will offer 2 signature drink options of your choice. This can be any mixed drinks you desire but simple is better for ease of serving.

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Ice and Utensils

Trailer Trashed is equipped with an on board ice maker to keep those signature drinks cool. We will also provide disposable cups, napkins, stirrers and any utensils needed to serve. 

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